Carolina Funeral Services


Setting the Standard

What can we do for you?

Carolina Funeral Services is proud to offer a growing list of services to fit the expanding needs of the funeral services industry. Our services include:

REMOVAL - Our well placed network of funeral service professionals will make sure that removals are made in a timely and proper manner.

EMBALMING - We use the latest in scientific embalming procedures to ensure there is adequate time between death and interment to observe visitations and/or funeral services.

TRANSPORTATION - At Carolina Funeral Services we have a network of employees that take pride in offering dependable conveyance to the location where the deceased will be laid to rest, all in the most meticulously clean vehicles possible.

GRAVESIDE DIRECTING - We offer graveside services from licensed funeral directors, so that family and friends can spend time grieving without any of the added stress.

CREMAINS SCATTERING - Should it be decided that cremation is the right option, Carolina Funeral Services offers several alternatives of cremains scattering.

RELIABLE 24 HOUR SERVICE - Our network of industry professionals are always on call. Located strategically throughout NC, GA, SC, TN, AL, and FL, we can offer expeditious and caring service wherever and whenever it is needed, throughout the southeast.

GPS TRACKING - Our state of the art GPS tracking system will give family members the piece of mind that comes with knowing where the remains of loved ones are, at all times.